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My name is Brandi Knudsen and I am violently obsessed with many things including old rock stars, cartoons, video games, and drawing. Follow me at your own risk.

Also, I'm working on a comic called Carnikids about a traveling carnival/circus full of nonsense. It's in early stages but here's where I'll be posting it until I make a website:
official Carrnikids blog

P.S. I saw Robert Plant in concert at Berkeley in June 2013 and I will never move on. I drew him a picture of him in ink because I know how he likes his own face.
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...and yes I realize we forgot the "e" in Robert, but we fixed it by writing it in lipstick before the thing started. He supposedly got the poster thanks to surealisticfantasy and her wonderful family! He said, "It'll be a long time until anyone's stupid enough to look like that again." He's so cheeky xD

OH and now Robert's 2014 tour advertisement has a picture of our poster in it. I...just...can't....

haha and you can see where we fixed it with lipstick
Jun 7 '13

Some pictures in my Nanami Kiryuu cosplay with the egg made for me by my lovely friend, heavenseveneleven :D

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